IMG_0412.JPGWe’re Jay and Tanya. In 2007, we left our home in Portland, Oregon and moved to Korea.  Up to that point, we had both traveled quite a bit but had lived most of our lives in Oregon. We thought we were leaving home. But it turns out we never did.

Bob Hope wrote a book titled “I Never Left Home” and James A. Michener wrote “The World is My Home”. These works by two men who traveled extensively throughout their lives got us thinking about the concept of “home”. After living in Asia for four years, and then in Europe for seven years, we’ve expanded the idea of what home really means. Our latest home is Las Vegas, Nevada which is almost another planet in itself.

Dictionaries variously define “home” as a dwelling, a house, or a place of residence. To be “at home” usually means a place where one feels comfortable, familiar with or where one feels at ease. The paradox of the definition of “home” for us is that the longer we’ve been away from our Oregon home the more we feel at home wherever we are. Now, even in new unfamiliar surroundings, we still feel comfortable. We feel at ease. So, as we continue our travels, we find ourselves never leaving home. Our blog is dedicated to sharing our ever-expanding sense of home with you and to encourage you to experience new places. May you also never leave home.

Jay and Tanya Jacobsmuhlen

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  1. Michael Weinz says:

    hi Tanja, hi Jay i hope you are fine and hope also to see you soon back in cold Germany


    • Deb Field says:

      WOW oh WOW — it has taken me too many years to get on your blog! Knowing you from that original “home” in Portland, Oregon USA, I have been aware of your travels for many, many years. But to see the number of countries you have been to is even surprising to me! What an amazing life you two have created! I am happy to call you friends and I am so impressed with your traveling skills. You make it look easy! May your continue to find many places to call “home”.


  2. Lary MILNER says:

    Looks like things are going well for y’all. Lary


  3. Hi Jay,

    Sounds like you and I never unpacked. Happy to hear that you have navigated your way through a rich life of experience and challenges.

    I retired about 7 years ago and have been working on my bucket list ever since. Denise and I live in Milwaukie, Oregon.

    Hope to see you one of these days and compare journey’s and experiences.

    Best Regards,

    Ron Thierfelder


    • jayandtanya says:

      Hi Ron! Wow, great to hear from you. Last August, Tanya and I moved back to the US and are now living in Las Vegas. If you ever make it here (and, of course, everyone comes to Vegas) let me know and we’ll get together.


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