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Tonopah and the Lady in Red

You might think only of Las Vegas or Reno when you think of Nevada. And that’s reasonable, since roughly 84% of Nevada’s 3.1 million residents live in those two areas. But there’s a lot more to the state, in terms … Continue reading

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Insights from Alaska

It’s often said that travel broadens one’s view of the world and helps us appreciate and make sense of it. Our recent 25-day trip to Alaska in June certainly did that but in ways that we hadn’t anticipated.  The beauty … Continue reading

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Wine and Brothels in Pahrump

Last week Tanya was looking at upcoming events in the area and spotted one that looked like a winner!  The Annual Pahrump Valley Vineyards Wine Stomp! “Okay!” Jay blurted, “I’m so there!” We couldn’t imagine how there could possibly be … Continue reading

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The Borax Visitor Center

Last week, Tanya and Jay, while driving through the Mojave Desert, spotted a road sign announcing the turnoff for the Borax Visitor Center, near lovely Boron, California. “Wow!”, said Jay, “This is terrific! Let’s see what this is all about!” … Continue reading

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The International Car Forest of the Last Church—Goldfield, Nevada

Goldfield, Nevada currently has a population of about 250 people. This is down from the 30,000 or so who were here during Goldfield’s boom times which started after gold was discovered here in 1902. By 1910, ore production had declined … Continue reading

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Weekend at a Lighthouse

Have you ever stayed overnight at a lighthouse? Well, Tanya and Jay hadn’t. So, when we got the chance to stay a couple of nights in a 100+ year old lighthouse keeper’s cottage along the east coast of Florida we … Continue reading

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Six Weeks in the Homeland

September and the early part of October found us back in the Homeland, immersing ourselves in visits with friends, family and jazz. Other than a week in Monterey, California for our annual visit to the Monterey Jazz Festival, all our … Continue reading

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Oregon State Fair

On our trip back to the homeland, Tanya and Jay simply could not resist visiting the Oregon State Fair. For our readers outside the US, who may not be familiar with state fairs, they are a bit of a throwback … Continue reading

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Reflections on Florida

Jay and Tanya had never spent much time in Florida, besides Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. And, despite our recent 10-day visit to the state, we still cannot say that we really understand or fully appreciate it. But what we saw … Continue reading

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St. Augustine, Florida

Cities in Europe are old. They may not be as old as some in the Middle East, but when you consider there are remnants of Roman settlements over 2,000 years old all over the place in Europe, still being occupied, … Continue reading

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