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White Water Rafting in Chile

It’s hard to believe that it was only 4 months ago that we were out enjoying a pre-coronavirus life. It seems like it was 4 years ago. But, on Feb 25, our intrepid travelers were braving the rapids of the … Continue reading

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On the Road: Beatty, Nevada

  One town that, literally, can’t be missed in southern Nevada is Beatty. US 95 runs right through Beatty, 90 miles north of Las Vegas and 120 miles south of Tonopah. So you can’t miss it. Most folks either drive … Continue reading

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Two Days in the Falklands

The last place we were able to visit, prior to the coronavirus shutdown, was the Falkland Islands. While some visitors are interested in touring the battle sites of the tragic 1982 war with Argentina, the dynamic duo opted for wildlife … Continue reading

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Tonopah and the Lady in Red

You might think only of Las Vegas or Reno when you think of Nevada. And that’s reasonable, since roughly 84% of Nevada’s 3.1 million residents live in those two areas. But there’s a lot more to the state, in terms … Continue reading

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In the Land of the Haligonians

Our traveling pair is originally from Oregon. We are, or were, Oregonians. Folks to the north of us are called Washingtonians, to the south, Californians. So far, this makes sense. Similarly, we have Virginians, South Carolinians, Kentuckians and Mississippians. We … Continue reading

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Insights from Alaska

It’s often said that travel broadens one’s view of the world and helps us appreciate and make sense of it. Our recent 25-day trip to Alaska in June certainly did that but in ways that we hadn’t anticipated.  The beauty … Continue reading

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Wine and Brothels in Pahrump

Last week Tanya was looking at upcoming events in the area and spotted one that looked like a winner!  The Annual Pahrump Valley Vineyards Wine Stomp! “Okay!” Jay blurted, “I’m so there!” We couldn’t imagine how there could possibly be … Continue reading

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The Borax Visitor Center

Last week, Tanya and Jay, while driving through the Mojave Desert, spotted a road sign announcing the turnoff for the Borax Visitor Center, near lovely Boron, California. “Wow!”, said Jay, “This is terrific! Let’s see what this is all about!” … Continue reading

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Our Life in Container TCLU 756590

When Jay was a young man, his idea of how much stuff one should have should be measured by how much you could get into a VW bus. And while he never really met that goal there were times when … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Travel–Two Months Later

In our April 18th posting, “Thoughts on Travel”, we noted that we had been on the road almost constantly for the last 17 months. We also wrote that we were looking forward to spending the summer in Wiesbaden and looking … Continue reading

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