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The International Car Forest of the Last Church—Goldfield, Nevada

Goldfield, Nevada currently has a population of about 250 people. This is down from the 30,000 or so who were here during Goldfield’s boom times which started after gold was discovered here in 1902. By 1910, ore production had declined … Continue reading

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Weekend at a Lighthouse

Have you ever stayed overnight at a lighthouse? Well, Tanya and Jay hadn’t. So, when we got the chance to stay a couple of nights in a 100+ year old lighthouse keeper’s cottage along the east coast of Florida we … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Travel

As of mid-April, 2018 Jay and Tanya have been traveling nearly non-stop for the last 17 months. For some professionals, touring musicians and global consultants come to mind, this is quite normal. And for us, this has become fairly normal … Continue reading

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Havana, Cuba

Cuba is certainly on the bucket list of many Americans. For Canadians, Germans and citizens of virtually every other nation a visit to Havana is no big deal. But now that the door is open just a little bit for … Continue reading

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Portugal Wrap-Up: Aveiro, Lagos & Cascais

No real narrative for this week’s posting, just photos of a few other places visited during January in Portugal. About time since we’re now on our way back from spending February/March in the US. Aveiro Aveiro is a cute town … Continue reading

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Albufeira: The Highs and Lows of the Algarve

How can a place so pretty be so trashy at the same time? Our two voracious vagabonds asked themselves the same question during their week in Albufeira, a summertime tourist mecca along the southern Portugal Algarve coast. Albufeira has one … Continue reading

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Coimbra: The City That Studies

There’s an old Portuguese saying that goes something like: “Lisbon plays, Braga prays, Porto works and Coimbra studies”. T and J aren’t sure how much studying actually goes on in Coimbra but the city certainly has the oldest and most … Continue reading

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Tavira is a small town of about 26,000 along the southwestern coast of Portugal and was the first stop in the Algarve region for our travel-junky pair. There’s nothing especially zippy going on in Tavira and the that seems to … Continue reading

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High Alcohol Concentration in Porto

January found our restless duo in Portugal, in search of some warmer weather than in chilly Deutschland. While warmer than most of Europe during the first month of the year, Portugal still has its gray, rainy days and the temperature … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics–Then and Now

It seems especially appropriate right now, while the 2018 Winter Olympic Games are underway in PyeongChang, to take a look back at one of the past Winter Olympics and make some comparisons. Last July, Tanya and Jay visited the site … Continue reading

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