Tanya’s Birthday Surprise

Tanya’s birthday was last month and Jay successfully pulled off a surprise vacation for her, something he’d always wanted to do. All he told her was the dates and time we would be gone and the general temperature range of our surprise destination. When we got to the Seoul airport she still didn’t know where we were going.

Jay was able to keep her in suspense until the last minute when we got in line at the Aeroflot counter. “AEROFLOT?”, she said. “We’re going to RUSSIA??”

I could tell she was still having mixed feelings of shock, surprise and possible misgivings until she overheard Jay’s conversation with the agent, who said, “You’re going to Moscow and then…continuing on to Paris, I see.” Tanya: “PARIS??” “We’re going to PARIS??”

Needless to say, Jay was a hero that morning and we had a wonderful time the next 10 days in Paris, Normandy and Brugge.


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