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Wiesbaden Stadtfest 2013

Germans love festivals!  Throughout the year you can find some kind of festival practically anywhere in this beautiful country.  And we don’t mean just Oktoberfest.  This weekend in Wiesbaden we celebrated Stadtfest or “city festival”, complete with Oom-Pah bands, food, wine, … Continue reading

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In mid-February, we spent four days in Sicily.  How does one begin to describe this complex, independent place?  Decaying, proud, chaotic, beautiful, home of the Mafia?  It’s all of the above, plus heavy memories of the Spanish Inquisition thrown in. … Continue reading

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A Trip to America & Two Observations

We just returned from a 10-day trip to the US; Jay to visit friends and family and Tanya joining Jay for the 56th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival.  The longer we’re away from America the country seems more foreign than wherever … Continue reading

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Trier: The Oldest City in Germany

Closing out January this year we took a weekend trip to Germany’s oldest city, Trier.  There seems to be a bit of a dispute about whether Trier really is the oldest city in the country.  Worms and Köln also are … Continue reading

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Vienna in January

The first eight months of this year have been filled with adventures, but no postings.  Well, let’s fix that right now.  In mid-January we spent a 3-day weekend in Vienna.  Of course….January…the perfect time to visit. No crowds, no lines … Continue reading

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