Kusadasi, Turkey & Evening at Ephesus

One of the places we re-visited in October was Kusadasi, Turkey.  We had been here once before, about 15 years ago, when we took our 4-week Turkey trip.  As is usually the case, much of what we remembered had changed.  More buildings, more crowds, more retail but the flavor of Kusadasi remains the same.  We even visited the hotel, the Caravanserai, where we had stayed on that first visit. Very little had changed there.


In the evening, we attended a reception and concert at the historical site of Ephesus.  Gone were the crowds and we enjoyed a wonderful evening with about 150 other guests.  The setting and evening were truly magical as we looked up at the full moon over the old amphitheater of Ephesus.


As we returned to our ship, Tanya was still ready to party!
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