Aphrodite’s Rock:  Where the goddess, Aphrodite, was born from the foam of the sea

One of the places Tanya and Jay visited in October was the divided island of Cyprus.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the Turkish portion of the island but our short visit on the Greek side was enjoyable, albeit touristy.  We were never able to actually talk with any Cypriots, other than our tour guide, and so weren’t able to hear about their recent economic woes and bank bailout.  However, while driving through the urban areas of the island, the empty buildings and lack of vibrant commercial activity was clearly evident.  Cyprus is dry, rocky and beautiful.  It’s economic future is uncertain but, as a member of the EU, its long-term prospects remain hopeful.  For the vacationer, it can be a pleasant place to hang out but don’t anticipate a wild time.

Visiting ancient tombs in Paphos




More Paphos




Famous mosaics at House of Dionyssos


Cyprus landscape


Happy tourist


Our guide, whose dream is to move to Las Vegas
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