Re-Uniting with Old Friends in the US

The last two weeks of February we took a trip back to the US to see old friends and to listen to some terrific jazz.  First to Newport Beach where we heard some of our favorite musicians: John Clayton, Jeff Hamilton, Ken Peplowski, Tamir Hendelman and others and to have dinner with our longtime friends Bob & Carol.  What a great time!


Then on to San Clemente and Santa Barbara to catch some waves.  Santa Barbara, now there’s a place.  It’s kind of like Eugene but with the beach.  Another place that time seems to have forgotten.


And then on up to San Francisco to see Tanya’s sister, Kat, and Michelle and Jay’s high school buddy pianist Larry Dunlap and his wife, singer Bobbe Norris.

Up to Portland to catch some jazz and see our friends John & Deb, Kathleen & Babs, Sam & Carol, Dave & Ann, John & Susan, Laura, Annie, Pam & Gary, my soon-to-be 100 year old Aunt Gertrude and old workmates. What a wonderful visit!










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