Our New Kitchen!

The first several weeks of our summer has been taken up with moving and getting settled into our new apartment.  We’re getting to the finish line and now it’s just the ongoing process of putting things together one day at a time.  Of course, the biggest excitement was a week ago when we got our NEW KITCHEN!

It’s funny. I never imagined that two people could get so excited about having a kitchen. But, after living for five weeks eating off paper plates, cooking with a microwave and washing dishes in a small utility sink, having our new kitchen was a big event.  Three guys worked all day unpacking, cutting and installing the cabinets, counters and equipment. The counter was almost 14 feet long and couldn’t be maneuvered up the stairwell or fit in our building’s tiny elevator.  So, our ingenious kitchen experts were able to stand on some boxes outside and below the window and get it in that way.  Quite a process.
So now that we’ve been “nesting” for the last several weeks, we’ll be hitting the road again for weekend trips for the rest of the summer.
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