Out with the old, In with the new

And so we end another year, reflect and look forward to a new one. In the everyday routine of days, we often feel we are in an endless cycle of eat, sleep, work, weekend and repeat. But when Tanya and Jay reflect on what 2014 was to us, we can point out some fairly noteworthy accomplishments.

We moved to our new apartment. We have some kind and friendly neighbors. We take walks through the nature preserve across the street or take strolls down the hill into town. The best of everything.
Tanya got a new job with a promotion and is enjoying her career immensely. Her garden in summer is the envy of the neighborhood. Jay started taking golf lessons and practices at the driving range regularly. He looks forward to improving and to becoming a regular at the golf club. His German language skills still need work, but progress is being made.

We had some interesting and fulfilling travels in 2014. We visited seven different countries, including Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Hungary. We experienced several great cities this year: Dublin, Budapest, Paris, Oslo, Dresden. And, we took three trips back to the US. Seventy-five nights on the road.
The Guinness Brewery, opera houses in Budapest and Dresden, the natural beauty of Norway, Notre Dame at midnight, the flowers of Colmar, the somber dignity of the US military cemetery in Luxembourg and the joy and laughter with family and friends in Portland, Newport Beach, Monterey, San Antonio and Cologne will be our fondest memories of 2014.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to Everyone for a wonderful 2015!

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