Addiction to Travel

Maybe it’s because it has been a few months since I got on an airplane. Maybe it’s because it is mid-January and very cold. Maybe it’s because a friend of mine and his wife are planning a one-year around-the-world trip. Whatever it is, I find myself obsessed with taking a trip around the world. I can’t even get a complete night of sound sleep I’m so excited about the prospects of another trip. What is it with me and others like me? I think we belong to a sub-culture of travel addicts. It’s not that we’re not satisfied with where we are. It’s just that people like me know there is so much out there that we have not seen and experienced yet. Tanya used to say that if I didn’t smell jet fuel every 90 days I would get cranky. I think that’s still the case.

Thankfully, we have a trip planned for next month. It’s not for a year long and it’s not around the world. But it is to another culture, to another climate and to another part of the globe. My addiction will soon be placated… least for now.

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