Winter is Almost Over

It seemed like January would never end but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Germany is lovely any time of year, and we certainly haven’t seen the types of winter storms that North America has been having, but…..Tanya and Jay are definitely looking forward to spring and the adventures to come this year. The sun is starting to shine and this weekend we’re off for a mini-adventure to Baden-Wurttemberg. Tanya has a work assignment for a week in Stuttgart, leaving me to explore the area in depth. High on my list for next week is a visit to the Porsche Museum and probably a return visit to the Mercedes Museum.

After our week in Stuttgart, it’s back to Wiesbaden for a few days and then flying to Buenos Aires on the 20th, enjoying the summer sun and Argentine beef before boarding a ship on the 24th. Our three week voyage will take us to Montevideo, Uruguay and then up the Brazilian coastline, making stops in Rio, Recife and other coastal cities. The highlight will be a week sailing over 1,000 miles up the Amazon River. Our anticipation level is running pretty high right now as you can imagine.


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