Morning at the Monastery

About 45 minutes drive northwest of Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, is the amazing Ostrog Monastery. The monastery is built into a cliff about 900 meters above the valley and is the most important site in Montenegro for Orthodox Christians. It was built in 1665 under the direction of St. BaDSC_0504sil, a bishop from Herzegovina, who brought his monks here after the Ottoman Turks destroyed their previous monastery. St. Basil’s bones are carefully covered by a shroud and are on display within the monastery. Just the fact that they were able to build this place is astounding.



After returning to Podgorica, we had a typical Montenegrin lunch: grilled meat and some of the local brew, Niksico beer. Mighty satisfying.IMG_1781IMG_1780

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2 Responses to Morning at the Monastery

  1. Amazing that they could build something like that in that location! Can you imagine the cranes and equipment that a modern engineering company would require?


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