It’s Christmas Market Time!

For about four weeks every year at this time, towns throughout Germany celebrate the Christmas season with Weihnachtsmarkts. Two years ago, Tanya and Jay went on a Christmas Market frenzy and tried to visit as many markets as we possibly could. We think we hit eleven or twelve of them. This year we’ll only hit six or so but they’re still fun and it’s interesting to experience the different character of each of them. For example, Stuttgart’s stalls specialize in elaborate roof decorations.


Wiesbaden’s market is more conservative and specializes in more high-end ornaments and gifts while its across-the-Rhein neighbor, Mainz, has a lot more food and drink stalls.

This year we visited the Kaiserslautern market with our friends and got a taste of a small-town market. The “K-Town” market features the minimum of actual Christmas gifts but instead has a heavy focus on gluhwein, beer, sausages, music and family activities. But wherever one goes in Germany in the weeks leading up to Christmas, a good time is to be had, socializing and soaking up the spirit of the season.DSC_0190DSC_0195IMG_2054IMG_2056IMG_2059IMG_2061IMG_2062IMG_2063IMG_2066

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