Alicante, Spain

DSC_0002Alicante. The word makes me think of things other than Spain. “Drive the new 2016 Alicante by Buick. Now at your Buick dealer” or “How would you like your steak sir? And, with a little Alicante sauce on the side, perhaps?” or maybe “This piano piece should be played alicante, as opposed to allegro or pianoforte.”

Anyway, Alicante is nice little port town along Spain’s Costa Blanco and features another impressive hilltop fortification, Castillo de Santa Barbara, this one dating back to the 9th century. Despite a summer onslaught of visitors, Alicante retains a hometown, regional feel and exhibits pride in its cultural heritage. While the city may not necessarily be a destination in itself, it’s worth a visit for the traveler exploring Spain’s eastern coast.

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