Spending the Night in Jail

In all our travels we have never been to prison…..that is, until last weekend in Kaiserslautern.IMG_2612 No, we weren’t arrested for causing a big scene after too much beer and schnitzel. And no, Tanya didn’t cause a stir by dancing on a restaurant table, all the while trying to chat up an arresting officer who was politely trying to talk her down. No, our incarceration was completely voluntary and in lieu of bail all we had to do was pay for the night’s lodging. They even gave us breakfast before sending us on our way. The jailer was really very sweet and gave Jay a nice smile as he was being released.IMG_2613

Our home for the night was the Alcatraz Hotel, a former prison built in 1877, that has been converted into a hotel.

Our stay was a captivating experience, even though we weren’t really being held captive. They’ve really done a great job with this place and guests have the option of choosing a “cell” room or a “comfort” room. The cell rooms are the actual cells complete with toilet and sink in the room with shower down the hall.IMG_2621IMG_2619IMG_2618IMG_2617 Asking for a double means getting a bunk with upper and lower.

Of course there are rules here, which we strictly observed.IMG_2620IMG_2623 We had our own car with us but if you need transportation the prison bus is always an option.IMG_2629  The hotel limo looked like it hadn’t been used for awhile but we’re sure that with a little coaxing it could be put back into service in no time. Well, maybe a little more than no time, but you get the picture.IMG_2611

The front desk area is quite secure and the bar is really barred.IMG_2626IMG_2628

If you’re visiting friends in the area or just touring, we suggest you spend a night at Alcatraz. Unlike the Hotel California, you can check in anytime you like but you can always leave.IMG_2631

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2 Responses to Spending the Night in Jail

  1. Kathleen says:

    Most interesting, Jay. It is nothing like its ‘glory’ days, or perhaps that should be – gory days! And just where do you go with a car or bus on Alcatraz Island?


  2. Share says:

    OH MY!! All the comforts of home! You two never have a dull moment!


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