A Trip Around the World


In a few weeks we will be boarding this ship for a 125-day trip around the world. Why would we do such a thing? Circumnavigating the globe is certainly nothing new today. We know one guy who is doing it now for the 11th time. A former Navy friend laughed when we told him our plan, indicating it was no big deal. He had done it for five years aboard an aircraft carrier. We’re not blazing any new trails. We won’t be facing any particular dangers or hardships, as did Ferdinand Magellan in 1519. There will likely be no mutinies and it’s highly unlikely the ship will sink. We’ll have plenty to eat and we’ll have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Even the ports we stop in will be pretty tame: Shanghai, Colombo, Osaka, Singapore, for example. We can think of so many reasons why we shouldn’t take this trip:

  • It takes too long
  • Traveling on a cruise ship is environmentally unfriendly
  • It’s decadent
  • Being on a cruise ship encourages the exploitation of crew members from developing nations
  • You don’t get a chance to really experience any destinations, you just see them
  • It’s not really “travelling”
  • It’s only for old people who have nothing better to do
  • We would be better off spending our time fretting about the impending Trump presidency and commiserating with our Facebook friends as we worry about the future of the country

The list goes on and on.

So why do this? For one, we’ve never done it before. OK, so there are a lot of things we’ve never done, like walking on hot coals or eating live frogs, but going around the world on a ship seems like something special. We want to, at least once in our lives, get an appreciation of how big, or small, the world really is, by traveling at a speed not experienced in an airplane. We want to wake up in the morning, walk around the deck and see nothing but water, for days.

For Tanya, it’s a chance to relax after a lifetime of work, caring for others, and to look at the four months on board as a “spa experience”. For Jay, it’s a chance to read some of the books he’s never taken the time to finish. His Kindle is flush with classics, including the ever-popular “War and Peace”, the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson and Jules Verne. And, for both of us, it will be an opportunity to meet some new people, a few of which are bound to become long-time friends.

Trump will become president no matter what we do. The world’s problems will continue whether we’re in the middle of the ocean or on land. From a carbon-footprint standpoint, the ship is fully booked so if we weren’t there someone else would just take our place. Just maybe this will be our opportunity to rejuvenate and gain perspective. In any case, we’ll always be laughing and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

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6 Responses to A Trip Around the World

  1. Dean Lewis says:

    Hey Jay,

    What’s the details as this looks really interesting. What link ? Hope you will be keeping up the BLOG.

    BTW, Nan and I were married in NZ, then immediately got on board to come back to America for the Vietnam Draft (I promised the Draft Board, you see). But we went by ship from Auckland, to Sydney, Melbourne, Suva, Acapulco, Panama, Colon and Miami. Four weeks, newly married and a lot of open sea. Glad you have a lot of books.

    Dean >

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  2. jayandtanya says:

    Hi Dean,

    Check out “Travel Plans” on the menu bar for the details. More details are on the Holland America website. Your honeymoon trip sounds like it was fun and I’m glad you were so considerate to your local draft board. It all worked out OK.

    Thanks for following our blog.
    Best wishes,


  3. David Nishitani says:

    I don’t know if I could do that but it sound’s like fun……….lots of good food and hopefully and exercise room to got rid of it !!!!! Then again I did spend 2 1/2 months on a boat in Alaska.


  4. Catherine Earp says:

    I’m so excited to see this blog and be able to follow your travels. I totally understand the cruise thing at initial retirement. I’m not into cruises but you describe it well. I’m getting close to retirement and I don’t like to make decisions after work, my brain is tired. It sounds like the only decision you have to make is what type of cocktail for happy hour!


    • jayandtanya says:

      Yes, Catherine, it is a little bit different. I think I should revise my initial comparison of an assisted living center to more of a senior center with an assisted living wing. Anyway, I think it’s martini time now. Jay


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