Zhujiajiao, China

About a 90-minute drive from central Shanghai is the traditional “water town” of Zhujiajiao. dsc_0022At the risk of generalizing, there are a number of these type of towns in southern China, most notably Suzhou, whose Chinese garden coincidentally served as the model for the Chinese garden in Portland, Oregon.

Of course, these towns represent a way of life that is quickly disappearing in many parts of China, but people do actually live and work in them. They have become a huge tourist attraction for both foreigners and Chinese, so much so that the authorities in Zhujiajiao have set a daily limit of no more then 35,000 visitors. Tanya even volunteered to help enforce these limits. dsc_0028

Tourists jostle one another as they negotiate the narrow stone streets and sidewalks, while vendors encourage them to buy local food items, silk scarves and gee-gaws. Still, it was a fun experience, which included a visit to an old pharmacy, selling a number of traditional herbal remedies. dsc_0023dsc_0024dsc_0025dsc_0029dsc_0030dsc_0032dsc_0036dsc_0038dsc_0042


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7 Responses to Zhujiajiao, China

  1. Heiko says:

    This is awesome Jay!

    I really like reading your blog, so well written, and envy you for the journeys and experiences!

    Keep it up and safe travelling the globe. Looking forward to the next posts.


  2. Kathleen says:

    What a great experience! 35,000 people a day in that smaller town is a lot of tourists! That would even be a lot for Portland. They were lucky to have Tanya helping out. They would soon discover that her stern face and stance would be quickly be replaced by the real Tanya with the radiant smile!

    Paul Frank and LRS Architects have done a lot of work in Shanghai. They also have an office there.


  3. David Nishitani says:

    Looks like a photographers paradise and no smog……..


  4. Kathleen Margaret McCartan says:

    Jay and Tanya- These are my favorites of all the pics you have taken on this trip. What a beautiful place!


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