Hyenas In Korea!

Yes, it’s hard to imagine, but there are indeed hyenas in Korea. However, they’re the four-wheeled kind, not the four-legged kind.

In a recent post, we mentioned how efficient the Koreans are. Well, this efficiency extends to their emergency vehicle services. During every heavy traffic period on the main freeway (Hwy 1) running south from Seoul you’ll find tow trucks parked along the shoulder at roughly 1/2 mile intervals, just waiting for the next crash. Some Koreans call these tow trucks hyenas and their drivers can often be seen leaning out their windows, scanning the packed highway, just licking their chops, ready to pounce on their next prey. And sure enough, within minutes of every fender-bender or collision, they’re at the scene, ready to tow the damaged vehicle out of the way. They’re often ready to hook up even before the offending parties have even gotten out of their cars to exchange information. Amazing….and, efficient.

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