Weekend in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is one of those tiny countries we had always wanted to visit.  Little places like this, including other midgets like Monaco or San Marino, seem to have an independent and fearless spirit.  Despite all odds and through the quirks of history, these small gems have kept themselves from being gobbled up by larger neighbors.  Their military power is non-existent and somehow this complete lack of defense gives them their strength.  Who would dare mess around with Liechtenstein?  Talk about an unfair fight.  Anyway, who could not love a place where the Prince often comes down the hill from his castle to have a beer in his tiny capital of Vaduz.  Where, on its national holiday on August 15, the main feature is having cows with flower headdresses walk from the hills into town.  Where the country doesn’t even have an airport.  35,000 total population, 11 towns, nestled in a valley adjacent to Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is a place worth a visit.  There’s nothing like hearing the sound of cowbells echoing across the hills.

In front of the Prince’s castle


Looking across the valley to Switzerland



Looking up from Vaduz to the castle




One of Liechtenstein’s 11 towns


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