Flying to South America Tonight

We’re about to board Lufthansa in a few hours for a 14-hour flight to Buenos Aires. Seventy-seven degree weather, spring breezes and the smell of Argentine beef grilling over the coals is calling to us. We have been so fortunate to avoid the bitter cold of the northeastern US so we really can’t complain about this German winter. But, it will be so nice to feel the warmth. Keep checking in periodically to enjoy it with us.

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  1. says:

    Thanks for your brillant comments about german cities and the world.
    Essen is really a destroyed one.
    But go to the Opera and the Philharmonie and you will have the best performances of the best artists all over the world.
    Don't miss a snack for the Pause.
    I'ts a must.
    Salmon, Liver Plate, Chicken salad etc.
    But be careful, reserve in advance for the
    last act.


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