Weekend at the Bo-Bo in BA

This is more of a newsy post than anything else for the benefit of at least the two readers of our blog that we know we have. You know who you are.

We took a direct 14-hour evening flight from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires on the 20th, arriving in BA at 8am on Saturday the 21st. For three nights we’re staying at the Bo-Bo Hotel in the Palermo neighborhood. The name, Bo-Bo, stands for Bohemian/Bourgeoise which apparently characterized its customers; those who want to get away from the usual and appreciate the avant garde, while maintaining their bourgeoise attitudes of hard work and drive for success. We don’t get it completely but  that’s what the owners are striving for. Anyway, it’s a nice little boutique hotel in a fun neighborhood.

After checking in and taking a short nap and shower, we headed out to explore the neighborhood and do a little shopping for essentials: water, wine, sunscreen. Walked through BA’s botanical garden, past the zoo and then later had dinner at Don Julio, a steak restaurant in the neighborhood whose hype exceeds its reality. A bit overpriced, over-touristed and really nothing terribly special except for the sweetbreads I ordered which I hadn’t had since I was a kid.

After a good night’s sleep we’re looking forward to more exploring and checking out some of the places where the Bo-Bo’s may not necessarily be found.

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