South American Trip Recap (1)

OK, by popular demand (from one of our three or four readers) Jay has finally gotten off his duff and will begin recapping last month’s South American adventure. In our last post we had landed in Buenos Aires and were about to start exploring the area for a couple of days before heading off on our trip to Brazil and the Amazon. It had been several years since our last trip here and we wanted to see what we had missed last time.

Conscientious researcher that Jay is, he brushed up his knowledge of the area from a Frommers guide. But, as usual, our experiences are much better when they occur serendipitously than when we follow what some guidebook writer thinks is something we should see. For example, while walking through the Recoleta neighborhood we just happened to be part of a small group of onlookers watching an outdoor cooking show being broadcast on Buenos Aires TV. The stars of the show were whipping up some tasty variations of Argentine cuisine at a couple of cooking stations set up on the grounds of one the city’s large broadcasting complexes. Unfortunately, we weren’t asked to appear on camera to sample the results but just taking part in the sights and smells of the show was worth the stop.

Then, continuing on through the very high-class Recoleta district we walked by several embassies, luxury car dealerships and high-end apartment buildings. And of course, we saw several professional dog-walkers, with as many as 15 dogs on separate leashes. Apparently these guys are pretty well paid and according to one Porteno we talked to, make more money than teachers in Buenos Aires. But then again, most people make more than teachers.

Three days in BA and three different steak houses, all in the Palermo area. You can read my reviews of them on TripAdvisor under my name, “Thunderbird 12.” The best one we experienced was a very local kind of place, “Calden del Soho” which served one of the best steak dinners we’ve ever had. I think we consumed more meat in our three days in Buenos Aires than we’ve had in a year, and we loved every carnivorous minute of it.


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