Catching up with an old friend in the Dominican Republic

Tropical breezes, sunshine, laid-back lifestyle…what more is there to want? A college buddy of Jay’s, whom he hadn’t seen since at least 1989, has lived in the Dominican Republic for the last five years. We decided it was high time to visit him and check out his lifestyle. He lives near the beach in the north coast town of Sosua and says he loves his retirement in this tropical paradise. We believe him. On this trip we were only able to spend the day visiting with him and seeing a little bit of the north coast. But we’ll be back.IMG_2148IMG_2152IMG_2153IMG_2158IMG_2159IMG_2160IMG_2164IMG_2168

The Dominican Republic is one of those places that has been getting more attention over the last several years, with most people heading straight to the upscale all-inclusive resorts at Punta Cana along the eastern tip of the island. That’s fine, but as with any all-inclusive arrangement, people often don’t see any more of the country than the beach in front of their hotel. That’s a shame because there really is a lot of beauty in this country. Yes, most people are poor by Western standards. The country ranks as the third poorest in the Caribbean, behind Haiti and Jamaica. But for visitors who are willing to get out of their comfort zone they’ll find the country and meeting its people a rewarding experience.

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2 Responses to Catching up with an old friend in the Dominican Republic

  1. Linda Lehmann says:

    Great pictures! I went on the plantation tour that day. One of the stops at the plantation was for a taste of hot cocoa; it was the best I’ve *ever* had. I bought some to bring back, and it’s still extremely yummy! Nice that you were able to connect with a friend that day.


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