Séte, France

DSC_0554.JPGSéte is a quiet fishing port on the south coast of France. It’s an attractive little town whose claim to fame seems to be that it was a major destination for French Algerians who fled Algerian after it gained its independence from France. It’s a place where folks go about a pretty normal, quiet life and are not often disturbed by tourists.DSC_0547CSC_0557DSC_0549

But, for Tanya, the real highlight and reason for visiting this town was to experience the Musée International des Arts Modestes, or better known as the “Museum of Household Objects”. Like many things in life that I don’t understand, this museum’s significance is that it holds displays of, well….just stuff. “Je ne comprends pas” but that’s not really important. I guess the main idea is to simply absorb the visual zen of the moment and contemplate the everyday material items that are part of our lives. Tanya was happy.

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