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Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, largest of the Balearic Islands, is part of Spain and sits in a beautiful location in the western Mediterranean. It’s very popular with Germans (and Brits) as a holiday destination and I compare it to how people on the … Continue reading

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Alicante, Spain

Alicante. The word makes me think of things other than Spain. “Drive the new 2016 Alicante by Buick. Now at your Buick dealer” or “How would you like your steak sir? And, with a little Alicante sauce on the side, … Continue reading

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Malaga, Spain: Layers of History

Europe’s southernmost city is a study in the layers of history that characterize this part of the world. Many travel writers are critical of Malaga as an example of overbuilding and apartment speculation that have ruined a once beautiful city … Continue reading

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Gibraltar: The Rock, Macaques and Shopping

The other day, I was thinking about the movie tough guys from my youth and how their first names were consistent with their persona. Incidentally, this has nothing to do with Gibraltar. There was Douglas, Lancaster, Wayne and McQueen. First … Continue reading

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Sevilla: The Beauty and Passion of Flamenco

Flamenco music and dance is such an integral part of Andalusia that it is impossible to stroll about downtown Sevilla without running into performers practicing their craft. Afterwards, a visit to the Plaza de España made for a perfect afternoon.

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Corpus Christi in Sevilla

The Christian holiday of Corpus Christi was celebrated in Sevilla during our visit and it was a fascinating look at how Sevillanos (just guessing at this) enjoy this special day. Different neighborhood groups, complete with their own bands, conduct processions … Continue reading

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Disturbed at Sagrada Familia

OK, Jay and Tanya understand that Gaudi is widely regarded as an innovative architectural genius. And Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, still under construction, is considered his crowning achievement. The interior of the cathedral is designed to represent trees growing to heaven. … Continue reading

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