Romancing the Stone in Cartagena

OK, so we’re not really Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. And, Danny DeVito wasn’t chasing us around in an old beat-up Fiat. But, we did get the feel for the romance of Cartagena, Colombia on our one-day stop. It was New Year’s Eve and preparations for the evening’s festivities was in full swing. We could imagine ourselves in new outfits as we would dance the night away before slipping out the back window of our hotel the next morning to elude the evil Colonel Solo and his gang. Alas, it was only our imagination, as we had to be back on our floating hotel, Amsterdam, by 5:00 pm to sail away toward another destination. But we vowed to return to Cartagena as part of a South American adventure before too long, next time on our own schedule.dsc_0175dsc_0176dsc_0177dsc_0178dsc_0180dsc_0181dsc_0182dsc_0183dsc_0184dsc_0185dsc_0186dsc_0187dsc_0188dsc_0189dsc_0190

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3 Responses to Romancing the Stone in Cartagena

  1. Michael Weinz says:

    So Nice to See these pictures hoping you are well and enyoiing your journey while you hope to See Michael Douglas far far away i have seen Mikey Rourke walking with a Young Girl through Wiesbaden
    We Stay tuned


  2. says:

    Da will ich auch hin.

    Liebe Grüsse,


    Von Detlev Gudemann gesendet



  3. Joni says:

    Sounds like great adventures!
    Love from Chacala, a little fishing village in Mexico where I am at a Sufi camp with 65 dear friends. I send greetings gs across the seas to you both. Joni


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