Mykonos: A Breath of Fresh Air

Getting out of Athens and spending a day on Mykonos is like being able to breathe fresh air after being in a smoke-filled room. Not that Athens is necessarily polluted, it’s just that the island of just 10,000 people gently floating in the Aegean is everything Athens is not. Not crowded, not chaotic, clean and practically graffiti free. The day of our early April visit the weather was picture-perfect with warm spring temperatures and gentle breezes. Summer crowds hadn’t arrived yet and shop owners were busy painting, repairing and generally getting ready for the upcoming tourist season. IMG_3204

Mykonos is just so darn pretty it’s hard to believe it’s real. The sparkling white buildings, narrow alley-like streets and genuinely nice people make Mykonos a destination Tanya and Jay want to come back to and stay for maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe……. Anyway, you get the idea.


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