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St. Augustine, Florida

Cities in Europe are old. They may not be as old as some in the Middle East, but when you consider there are remnants of Roman settlements over 2,000 years old all over the place in Europe, still being occupied, … Continue reading

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Kennedy Space Center: A Day Filled With Awe

With the around-the-world trip behind them, the traveling maniacs decided to spend 10 days in Florida before heading home. So many people we had met on our trip were from Florida, so we thought we’d give it try. First stop … Continue reading

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Have Some Madeira, My Dear-ah

There is definitely something different about islands. And, we mean islands in general. OK, it’s not the obvious that they’re all surrounded by water. It’s that people who live on islands need to be somewhat self-reliant. Consequently, they develop their … Continue reading

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“Here’s looking at you kid” and “Come with me to the Casbah”

Casablanca. Ah, doesn’t this very name conjure up visions of intrigue and romance? Who can ever forget that torrid affair between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, “We’ll always have Paris”. Victor Laslow, the letters of transit, Sidney Greenstreet. These are … Continue reading

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