Beilstein and the Metternich Castle

Towns that are at least 1,200 years old are not a big deal around Germany. One of these ancient gems, a true UNRAD (Under the Radar Destination), is Beilstein, a town along the Mosel River in Rheinland-Pfalz, founded before 800 AD. A truly beautiful place to enjoy on a crisp fall day.

Main street of Beilstein

Main street of Beilstein


Continuing restoration

Continuing restoration

IMG_2038 IMG_2017

One of Beilstein’s main attractions is Metternich Castle, built in 1129. In 1637, it passed to the House of Metternich, a German noble family. Unfortunately, their new prize was destroyed by the French in 1689 during the Nine Years War. Although in ruins, it’s still quite an experience to walk around the walls and imagine what life, and death, was like during this time in history.IMG_2037 IMG_2034 IMG_2021 IMG_2022

One feature on the castle grounds is the “Weather Stone”, a very accurate weather forecasting mechanism. If you don’t read German, use Google Translate to get the humor.

The Weather Stone

The Weather Stone




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