Monaco Historic Grand Prix

As a boy, one of Jay’s lifetime dreams was to go to the Grand Prix in Monaco. Drivers Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham and actor James Garner in Grand Prix were his inspirations and he put this event on his bucket list, even when he was in high school. The glamour, the excitement, the danger of high speed racing around one of the world’s most challenging courses was what Jay wanted to experience.

Last weekend he was able to, at least partially, turn that dream into reality. He was actually sitting in the stands at Monaco, hearing the roar of the engines, smelling the burning high octane race car fuel and sharing the magic that is the Grand Prix. For him, it was an emotional experience. For Tanya, well, it was an experience.

The actual Grand Prix is next weekend. But, every two years the Historic Grand Prix is staged with over 250 cars from past Grand Prix’s featured in seven-lap races around the Monte Carlo course. Since Formula 1 cars hadn’t been developed yet when Jay was a boy, watching these cars from years past roar by was the stuff of his dreams. Now, perhaps next year, we’ll be here for the real Grand Prix. But even if we never return, a dream has come true.DSC_0357DSC_0355DSC_0360DSC_0373DSC_0376

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