Sunday in St. Tropez

DSC_0390Spending the day in St. Tropez, looking for the beautiful people, proved fruitless. We had read of recent celeb sightings, including Ivana Trump, and we were anxious to blend in and see who we could chat up. “Which yacht is ours? Why, that gorgeous little number over there, dahling. Why don’t you stop by for cocktails later?”DSC_0386DSC_0392

Especially since the nearby Cannes Film Festival is underway, we felt our odds of rubbing elbows with the rich and famous would most certainly improve. But alas, what we found was a large gathering of Harley-Davidson riders wearing Cannes Film Fest t-shirts. Oh well, perhaps next time. “Please save a couple of seats for us on your Gulfstream 5 for the ride home, would you love?”

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1 Response to Sunday in St. Tropez

  1. Larry Dunlap says:

    You dogs!


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