Back Home to Korea

dsc_0028dsc_0031dsc_0033dsc_0037dsc_0038When Tanya and Jay left Korea in 2011, after four years, Jay noted that “you can leave Korea, but Korea never leaves you”. That was the feeling we both got as we docked at the port of Incheon and took the train into Seoul to meet with my former boss and lifelong friend, Sam. As we walked the familiar streets of the chilly Korean capital we felt that we had come home.

Tanya was able to visit one of her favorite shopping areas, Insadong, and we shared an incredible multi-course Korean lunch with our friend, Sam. Afterward, Sam acted as tour guide as we walked over the Geongbukyong (sp?) Palace and observed the regularly-scheduled 4:30pm Saturday demonstrations against the currently impeached president, Park Geung Hye, and the now-indicted Samsung heir, J.Y. Lee. The crowds were large, but orderly, and we were impressed with how Koreans are able to express their political discontent without violence. It was refreshing.

When we left Korea, after two days, we knew we would be back, next time for a longer stay.

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2 Responses to Back Home to Korea

  1. Kathleen Margaret McCartan says:

    So great to see y’all in Korea with Sam!!


  2. Jürgen Laudert says:

    I think you both have friends and family worldwide😍


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